Before sending a parcel, it is essential to know the shipping cost. This can be done by either visiting the courier service center or obtaining delivery quotes from their main website. However, both options can be time-consuming, especially if you need to mail your package quickly.

In such situations, shipping calculators are the ideal tool for helping you find affordable delivery options. Instead of going to each carrier’s website and entering your information repeatedly, simply use a shipping calculator. This will also provide you with many cost-effective rates and offers that you may not find elsewhere.

Our shipping calculator collects the prices of courier services like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS and allows you to compare and choose the best one for you. Continue reading to learn how to use a shipping calculator and the factors that influence shipping costs.

How to Use a Shipping Calculator

The shipping calculator requires you to input certain information regarding your package. This includes the shipping origin and destination, postal codes for the areas, and your package’s size and weight.

After entering all the information, the page will provide you with all the available services and postage rates.

Factors That Influence the Shipping Price

The cost of your shipment depends on various factors such as the type of service you choose and when you want your parcel to arrive. Having adequate knowledge about your package allows you to calculate an estimate of the shipping price based on the following factors:

Weight of the Parcel

The weight of your item has a significant impact on the shipping cost. A heavier package will cost more to send than a lighter package.

Package Dimensions

As the size of your shipment determines how much space it will take up during transit, a larger package will cost more to ship than a smaller one.

Delivery Speed

The speed at which you want your parcel to arrive at its destination is also a factor in the overall shipment price. If you want your package delivered the same day or the next day, you will have to pay a higher shipping price than if you want it delivered in a week.

Service Type

The cost of your shipment is also affected by whether you ship via priority or economy service. Although expedited services deliver your items faster than standard services, they are also more expensive. So, always select a shipping method that meets your requirements.

Shipping Distance

Transporting to a distant location will probably cost more than shipping to a nearby area. Since delivery costs increase with distance, global shipping is more expensive than domestic shipping. Calculate the cost for international shipping.

Shipping Costs of Different Carriers

To give you an idea of how much it costs to ship via different carriers, we’ll be taking multiple reference packages and sending them from California to New York. Below are their prices:

For a 10-pound Package

USPS: Sending a 10-pound package using USPS Parcel Select will cost nearly $30. The price of USPS Priority or Express services can rise to $180. Furthermore, your item will be delivered within a week. Discover more prices through our shipping calculator.

UPS: Shipping with UPS Ground will have a shipping cost of $30. Moreover, UPS Second Day or Next Day Air can have a price of up to $200 or more, with a few days’ delivery time.

FedEx: FedEx provides many shipping options for domestic shipping. You can ship under $100 via FedEx Express Saver. Calculate prices for shipping with FedEx.

DHL: DHL Express Domestic will cost around $280. Calculate prices for shipping with DHL.

For a 20-pound Package 

USPS: When sending a 20-pound package through USPS services, it will cost you anywhere from $70 to $250. Additionally, the delivery period is up to a week. Calculate prices for shipping with USPS.

UPS: Shipping to the exact location with UPS Ground, 3 Day Select, or 2nd Day Air has a price range of $50-$200.

FedEx: Shipment of this package using FedEx Ground or Express Saver costs below $200. However, overnight shipping can cost more.

DHL: DHL Express Domestic delivery will cost around $400. In addition, your parcel will reach its destination in one business day. Find out more prices through our shipping calculator.

For a 40-pound Package

USPS: Sending this 40-pound package with USPS Priority costs around $170, with a 2-day delivery time.

UPS: UPS Ground or 3 Day Select has a shipping price of up to $200, with next-day air service costing above $300. Calculate prices for shipping with UPS

FedEx: Shipping with FedEx starts at $50 and can go as high as $300 or more for the First Overnight service.

DHL: Domestic shipping with DHL Express will cost approximately $500. Get an idea of delivery prices through our shipping calculator.


So, before shipping a package, learn about various services and their rates, and then select the one that best meets your needs. Visit a nearby service point or go to their main website for more information about your chosen service or its restrictions.