DHL Shipping Calculator – Estimate Delivery Rates

Choosing a reliable courier service to ship your items locally or abroad can be challenging. There are many factors you should consider when selecting a suitable service. These factors include prompt delivery, cost-effective rates, various shipping options, insurance, tracking, and guaranteed timely delivery.

DHL, being a globally recognized shipping company, provides its users with many efficient domestic and international shipping services. This article has been written to teach you how to calculate delivery prices for shipping packages, specifically with DHL. You can also calculate the shipping cost with UPS or see the shipping costs by using a USPS calculator.

How to Calculate Shipping Costs for DHL

With the help of a DHL shipping calculator, you can get a clear idea of the delivery rates for your shipment. Start by assessing your package. First, measure its weight and size. Then, enter the required information in the calculator, such as the shipment’s origin and destination and the parcel’s dimensions. Once done, the page will show you many delivery quotes offered by DHL.

DHL Shipping Rates

To give you an estimate of DHL delivery rates, we have taken a reference package of 20 pounds. Calculate prices for international shipping. With dimensions of 20 x 12 x 10 (inches), this package will be sent locally and internationally. Below are the calculated prices:

Domestic Shipping

When shipping from California to New York through DHL Express Domestic, the delivery price is around $320. Furthermore, your parcel will reach its destination in one business day. See delivery prices with the DHL shipping calculator.

International Shipping

Mailing this item from California to London using DHL Express 12:00 or Express Worldwide will cost nearly $180. In addition, the delivery time for these services is three business days. See delivery prices with the DHL shipping calculator.

Advantages of Shipping With DHL

DHL provides numerous benefits to its customers for worldwide delivery. Some of them are as follows:

  • Has a prominent global presence
  • Provides door-to-door delivery services
  • Free pick-up services
  • Has a wide range of shipping options 
  • Allows tracking of shipment
  • Availability of customer support


Now that you’re aware of how to use a shipping calculator and the various benefits offered by DHL, you’re ready to book your shipment! After selecting the service type, pack your items and drop them off at a local service point. You may also use a FedEx shipping calculator to obtain various delivery quotes and learn about its postage rates.